Blog of Italian recipes, in many cases contaminated by a Sabadell native eager to give them a touch of her own. Here you can also find recommendations of places in Rome and surroundings where to eat or buy good products, without having to fight with tourists affected by a serious sunstroke, after having kicked the Forum + Palatino without a cap in the middle of August.

Swordfish Sicilian style (pesce spada alla siciliana)

 24 July 2020
  Category: Recipes, Second courses
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  Today we have Sicilian swordfish. This one, literally, is prepared almost without realizing it, and even the most clumsy in the kitchen can execute it perfectly, without making the least effort.… Read more

Roman style artichokes (carciofi alla romana)

 9 June 2020
  Category: Appetizers, Recipes
In the traditional Roman cuisine the artichoke is on the podium of the most used vegetables, especially the mammola or carciofo romanesco variety. They are huge, with tender leaves and you can… Read more

Fava beans, peas and artichokes (Vignarola alla romana)

 31 May 2020
  Category: Main courses, Recipes
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  The Vignarola, one of the most famous Roman spring recipes, as this is the time of year when you can find fava beans, artichokes and fresh peas. A delight for the… Read more

Carbonara pasta (pasta alla carbonara)

 10 May 2020
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The recipe for a typical dish of Italian gastronomy in its authentic version, easy to prepare and made with simple ingredients. Nevertheless, talking about carbonara pasta is dangerous, because it is one… Read more

Baked gilthead bream (orata alla ligure)

 2 May 2020
  Category: Recipes, Second courses
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  A simple, delicate recipe, typical of the Ligurian coast in Italy, intended to exalt in all its glory the star of the dish: the fish. A light meal, suitable even for… Read more