What am I doing here?

What am I doing here? ~  ~ La ragazza col mattarelloI lived a few years in Italy, in Rome, and there I fell in love with its cuisine, which was almost nothing like the Italian food I had tasted before in my country and had been made to loathe. There I started the blog, as a hobby and to show my friends how to really eat there and how to prepare it. When I returned to Barcelona, I enrolled and graduated in an intensive training course for cooks at the Escuela de Hosteleria Hofmann, in order to improve my culinary skills in general.

I worked briefly at the restaurant Piccola Cucina Italiana de Sant Cugat, in Sant Cugat, where the great Vittorio Giordano taught me much more about cooking in a short time than in any school, but in the end it became incompatible with the work with which I really earn my living and I had to leave it, but I hope one day to be able to carry out a project related to cooking that will allow me to devote myself to it full time.

I go back very often to Rome, as my husband is from there, and when we enjoy our vacations, 90% of our destinations are in other parts of Italy that we love, or to meet new ones that we always end up in love with, with a priority mission: to know the traditional cuisine of that region to keep learning about the goodness of Italian gastronomy.

In this blog you will find lots of traditional Italian recipes, with instructions to really prepare them as they do there, those that in some restaurants mistreat for ignorance or need to adapt them to the public that has become accustomed and prefers the soft pasta, carbonara with cream, etc.. Also some recipes a little more fusion, born from the desire to unite cultures, using the best of each house. Finally, some recommendations of restaurants in Italy that we have loved, very useful for those who go on a trip and let themselves be advised by someone with knowledge and objectivity on the subject.

The name of the blog comes from the fact that I am a big fan of the movie La Ragazza con la Pistola, and of its leading actress and its director in general: Monica Vitti and Mario Monicelli.
She, like me, was going abroad and had to adapt to the customs of other people. She had a gun to avenge her honor; I have a rolling pin to roll out pasta.


What am I doing here? ~  ~ La ragazza col mattarello